Written by Jill Starishevsky “Finally, a book that explains to children in a clear, understandable way what child sexual abuse is...”
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Kids will be kids
Photo "Kids Will Be Kids"by Adam Cowart.
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Dear IF readers,

It is Spring, 2014.  I have written recently about restarting IF magazine on a regular, quarterly basis.  This June issue will be the first of the 2014 new stories.  So, I started with our children.  I have recently asked some of my students the question, “How would you change the world?”  Here are their answers.  Their answers are their heart.  Sometimes when they roll their eyes at us, whine for new toys, and get upset A LOT, we can’t see their hearts.  We forget that we are the rocks they break against so that they can roll around in the playground of life finding their place, their shape, their destinies.  Children believe they can make their dreams come true and change the world.  They are not yet burdened by financial forecasting, world politics, and social/cultural barriers that make these dreams and goals hard to reach.  Let’s listen to the children.  Their hearts can inspire us to let go of our cynicisms for just a moment.  Ahhh….a moment to dream, to hope, to want to change the world.  As quoted from one of the children, “I hope people can help change the world because everything can change the world if people believe in this beautiful world that we have.” 

Cat Wayland
IF Mag Editor and Owner
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