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Dear IF mag readers around the world,

Happy holidays this season of 2013. International Family Magazine had to stay quiet for awhile while its editor took care of her immediate family. My mother needed help moving out of her house of 25 years. Your editor, Cat Wayland, had to go through the emotional process of settling her sons after a separation. Yes, there are lots of stories to share from these family transitions. In all stories we share together there are all the emotions that families experience: sadness, laughter, upset and joy. There are important seeds of truth and recognition that when we tell our stories, we help connect the world with all that makes us so very similar rather than different. So, International Family Magazine is back online. You will begin to see new stories, pictures, recipes, travel journals, and much more… I have missed connecting with my readers around the world. My family needed my time and privacy for a couple of years. I hope you will rejoin me around the hearth of this site to share again.

Happy holidays,
Cat Wayland
Editor and Owner of International Family Magazine, IF mag
Cat and Jax

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