Written by Jill Starishevsky “Finally, a book that explains to children in a clear, understandable way what child sexual abuse is...”
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Photo "Sisters on the Streets"by Daniella Puente.
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Dear IFmag readers,

I have stopped and started this magazine over the last 9 years. Life gets busy raising children and working full time. But something calls me back, again and again. This site of International Family Magazine is a home for me and some of my readers. It is a place to tell our stories. The legacy we leave to our children are the stories that we hope will teach them about life, or even just about their family. International Family Magazine hopes to capture the stories, and legacies of families around the world. As much as those stories are each and every one unique, many stories are similar. Wherever you are in the world, family is about trying to love each other. Sometimes that is easy, and sometimes it is tough. But families are forever even if you don’t see a relative for many years. I just took my sons to see my cousins I hadn’t laid eyes on in California for 10 years. It wasn’t like one day had gone by. That’s how loving and forever feel, like a very long time, and a single second in time. International Family Magazine hopes to call you back here again, and again. Some day, it hopes to collect the stories of your children and grandchildren and on, and on. Maybe this place of telling stories will bear witness to the generations of families around the world that were so different, so similar and so about love. This May issue we have a review of Adele Cornish on blended families, a book series about separation, we have revamped the single parent page, and other fun, interesting reads. Please don’t forget to check out the wonderful work that one of our youth, Samantha Brophy is doing with Imagine Scholar in Africa and follow her blog, fantastic! Thanks for reading with me again,

Cat Wayland
IF Mag editor, owner and founder
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