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Single Parent / Choice Parents

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This is a special section of International Family Magazine. – single parent/choice parents. Here there are angels among us. A person who goes it alone in the vast wilderness of parenting. The person who takes on every ounce of emotional, physical, mental support of another human being. Yes, there are angels among us. When you see them in the streets, smile to let them know you are rooting for them.

I pulled these definitions from Wikipedia. I found them interesting and filled with debatable points but interesting nonetheless.

Single Parent

Most single parents are female. In the past few years there are more men heading single parent families. 2 million households in the US are headed by unmarried fathers.

In 2003, 14% of all Australian households were single-parent families. Since 2001, 31% of babies born in Australia were born to unmarried mothers. (Many of these mothers may not be single parents, as they may simply live with their supportive partners without getting formally married.)

In the United Kingdom, there are 5.9 million single parents as of 2005, with 3.1 million children. About 1 out of 4 families with dependent children are single-parent families. According to a survey done by the United Kingdom, 9% of single parents in the UK are fathers, UK poverty figures show that 47% of single parent families are below the Government-defined poverty line (after housing costs).

Choice Parents


A choice parent is a parent who voluntarily becomes a single parent to a biologic child from the very beginning, rather than by a later separation wwww.from a partner or by adoption.

A woman may voluntarily become a choice parent by artificial insemination with donor sperm. In many countries, e.g. Sweden this is prohibited. Swedes, however, may go to Denmark, where it is legal to have an insemination. Women who choose insemination or adoption to become parents are also referred to as "choice moms" or "choice mothers". These women, many of whom are over 35, tend to be educated, career women. Children of this group of single moms are less likely to be at risk of poverty. Several books and internet groups exist to assist women in choosing this path.

A small but growing number of men also choose to become single parents, and they may be referred to as "choice fathers". It is achieved through surrogacy. Most of the men are gay, but some are straight. Notable examples include singer Ricky Martin.


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